2 thoughts on “Why You Need an In-House Air Purification System

  1. Hello, I am trying to contact someone who can answer a question about my ecobox air purifier ,we recently had a storm,and the electric went off and my ecobox would not work any more . Is there something I need to do to get it started or does it need a new part or be repaired in any way. thank you very much, M. Amey

    1. Minnie,

      When the power came back on after being off, there could have been a power surge and may have affected your Ecobox. Call Vollara with the serial number of your unit and they can give you a better idea on what is going on.
      Phone number is: 800-989-2299

      Best of luck…Vollara reps do a great job, so give them a call.


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