Vollara, a top MLM company, gives back with AmeriCares

Vollara, a top MLM company, gives back with AmeriCares

As a top MLM company, Vollara strives to be a leader not only in the business world, but also in the global community. With a commitment to service and philanthropy for all people, the company lives by the belief that if you can, you should give back. Vollara shows concern for people by creating products that encourage people to live healthy lifestyles, but also by giving tangible assistance to those in need.  As part of this endeavor to be a good global citizen, Vollara is proud of the company’s partnership with AmeriCares. top mlm company

In AmeriCares, Vollara has found a partner organization with similar sensibilities. A nonprofit disaster relief organization that provides immediate response to emergency medical needs, and supports long-term humanitarian assistance programs for people around the world, AmeriCares has been ranked highly by many sources, including Forbes and the Better Business Bureau. In times of epic disaster, daily struggle, or civil conflict, the organization delivers aid to people in need, operating under a longstanding commitment to fiscal responsibility; 98% of their overall expenses goes to directly support programs and relief for people in need, and the other 2% covers administrative costs. By collaborating with this humanitarian relief organization, Vollara has been able to donate goods to many countries across the globe.

With Vollara’s help, AmeriCares was able to deliver goods to the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Ghana, Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea, Nicaragua, the Philippines, and even depressed areas here in the United States.  Some of the places that have received aid are desperately in need of medical supplies, due to extreme poverty, while others have been ravaged by natural disasters like flood and famine, and still others are suffering the effects of war.

Vollara has built its reputation as a top MLM company on an unwavering commitment to quality, excellence, and integrity. Dedicated to providing a healthier lifestyle for its customers, the company considers itself responsible for bringing health and wellness to as many people as can be reached. This commitment extends into global citizenship, and the partnership with AmeriCares is just one more way in which Vollara is proud to be able to provide assistance to those in need. For more information on how you can be a part of this global outreach, visit Vollara’s website, or join the online community on Facebook and Twitter.


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