Tips to be a Successful Work from Home Mom

Tips to be a Successful Work from Home Mom

Being a successful work from home mom is the dream of many moms out there because the benefits are many – more time with your children, money saved on daycare, flexible scheduling, etc.  In some ways it sounds easy to be able to sit and work from home on your own terms, with your own schedule, but the reality is that there are several challenges that need to be overcome in order to ensure success.

The first step to success is to take your job seriously.  Figure out what sort of work you want to do from home – what kind of business you want to run – and create a clear business plan.  Outline your financial goals, the number of hours you are willing to put in, marketing strategies, etc.  Regardless of what you do from home, you are essentially starting your own business, and it needs to be treated as such.  Periodically check to see if you are meeting your goals, and if you are not, create an action plan to help you meet them.

Even though flexible scheduling is one of the major benefits of working from home, it can also be a drawback at times.  It can be easy to procrastinate and put work off when the kids want your attention, the laundry is piling up, the dishes need to be washed, and dinner needs to get on the table.  It is essential to clearly set aside a certain amount of time each day for work.  During your work time, that is all that you should be focusing on.  This means that someone else is watching the kids (or they are asleep), housework can wait until later, meal preparation has been taken care of, etc.  It helps to have a certain space in your home set aside for your work as well, such as a home office with a door that can be closed and locked.  Make it clear to your entire family that your work time at home is to be treated the same as your work time would be treated if you worked outside the home – you are not available during that time.

If you can take your at home job as seriously as a job that you would have outside of the home, you are well on your road to success as a work from home mom.


3 thoughts on “Tips to be a Successful Work from Home Mom

  1. The dream to be your own boss and work from home is alive but not very well. Many have the desire but all too few accomplish this. WHY, usually because they don’t have a big enough “why”.
    You really need to have a strong reason or reasons and become totally sold out on you and your dream. There are going to difficulties and problems and those who won’t support you. To deal with these you must be strong in your conviction and commitment. A big “why” lets you learn the “what and the how’s”. It gives you resolve and distinguishes you from the crowd.
    When you take the time to know your “why” half the battle is won.
    Join a company like Vollara with a great products, future and training and you will become unstoppable.
    With a big enough “why” the simplest “how to” becomes too difficult and you join others who are living less than their dreams.

    1. I should have been better in editing my last post. The last line, should be “without” a big enough “why” the simplest “how to ” becomes too difficult and you join the others who are living less than their dreams.

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