Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Our proven business systems empower people to command their financial footing, to bring security to their lives, to provide for themselves and their loved ones and to help all of us care for this precious planet with which we have been blessed.

Vollara sees a world where people have choices, where people have power; a world where people go beyond themselves; a world where each of us can make great choices to live a naturally healthier life – in our homes, physically, financially and emotionally; where people can have freedom in every way possible.

Welcome to a new way to live healthy. Welcome to Uncompromising Health™ by Vollara.

10 Reasons to Consider Vollara

Strong Financial Backing. You will enjoy security and peace of mind with Vollara. We are part of a family of direct selling companies having annual portfolio sales of more than $300 million.

Recognized Leader. Our family of companies was recognized in 2010 as #39 on the Direct Selling News DSN100 top worldwide direct sales companies.

Partner with GE Capital. We are the only direct selling company with which GE Capital has chosen to partner to help customers and Independent Business Owners with product financing.

Holistic Approach to Health. Vollara solutions help protect the body from the inside out with nutritional products to support your internal systems. They also protect from the outside in with ecofriendly technology to ensure the air you breathe and the water you drink are ideal for optimal wellness. All of these together form the basis for Uncompromising Health™.

Experience and Solid Support. Enjoy all the benefits of owning your own business without the headaches and unknowns of an independent endeavor.

Tools for Success. Vollara will provide you with customer support, marketing materials, tools and base – line training to help you succeed.

Strong Company Culture. Our leadership team has worked together for many years, creating a camaraderie and close company culture.

Direct Selling Experience. Our leadership team has more than 100 years of experience in the direct selling industry and our Chairman & CEO, Joseph P. Urso, sits on the Board of Directors for the Direct Selling Association.

World – Class U.S. Manufacturing & Distribution Facility. Our 500,000 square foot manufacturing, research and development, operations and distribution center supports our Independent Business Owners with cutting edge technologies and business services support.

People – Helping – People Field Culture. Get a feel for the Vollara opportunity from the Independent Business Owners – “the Field” – who depend on Vollara to build security, financial and time freedom and to ultimately pursue the highest standard of purpose – driven living.

Unleash Your Future™
Vollara is engineered, dedicated and designed with one primary purpose in mind—Empowering You to Become Your Best Self™. Imagine the freedom you can have when you become your best self. Imagine the freedom you can have when you have the tools, the systems and the power to reach beyond hope, to imagine beyond dreams, to make it all real; when you have products you can count on, systems and support that nurture you and a financial opportunity that has virtually no limits. Vollara has been crafted skillfully with the purpose of giving you the power to have an unlimited future, to confidently march forward down the path of your imagination and dreams.

With Vollara success is not an accident; it’s all we know™. Your future is yours—do not let it pass you by.

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