How Do We Save Water?

How Do We Save Water?

How Do We Save WaterWater conservation is an important part of taking care of the environment now and for future generations.  Everyone has an obligation to the planet to live responsibly and take care of the earth.  Saving water is one way to be environmentally friendly and live a healthier life.  So, how do we save water?

In order to save water in every way possible, there needs to be a shift in social thinking.  Ideally this shift will ultimately take place on a global level, but first, it has to begin with individuals.  Start by asking yourself every day, “How can I cut down on the amount of water I’m using?”

Little things can make a big difference.  For instance, remembering to turn the water off while you are brushing your teeth rather than letting it run the entire time.  Or, try to shorten your showers by one minute each day for an entire week to see just how efficiently you can use water.  Changing these small habits add up over time.

There are bigger steps you can take toward saving water as well.  Replacing the toilets in your home with low-flush toilets, and replacing showerheads with low-flow or energy-efficient showerheads can save a significant amount of water over time.  Replacing your washing machine with a High Efficiency washing machine that uses cold water technology can save water and energy. You can also combine these energy-efficient machines with appliances that eliminate the need for soaps and detergents, which help keep our water resources free of chemicals.

Doing things to intentionally live in an environmentally friendly way has the added benefit of saving money as well as keeping the earth beautiful for future generations.  It doesn’t take much for everyone to pitch in and do their part.


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