Now Re:Fuel, a Vollara Immune Support Supplement, Is Better for Whole Health!

Now Re:Fuel, a Vollara Immune Support Supplement, Is Better for Whole Health!

Many people are looking for a total health regimen that includes an immune support supplement. When considering how to Recent scientific evidence demonstrates the positive role of Vitamin D in human health. Now, Re:Fuel contains a very significant dose of Vitamin D3. When taken as directed, you will get 2,400 IU’s daily of this very important vitamin. B Vitamins are also very important for your health. They are intimately involved in the energy metabolism and B vitamins are important cofactors in a number of essential enzymes in the body. When Re:Fuel is taken as directed, you will get 100% Daily Value of your broad-spectrum B vitamins. Vitamin K2 and Iodine are the other key formulation additions to Re:Fuel. Research supports the role of Vitamin K2 in supporting bone health and cardiovascular wellness. Iodine has long been used to support a healthy thyroid. CAeDS® ensuring that your alkalizing – whole food based nutrition is delivered to the cellular level for maximum effectiveness. Vollara brings it all together for you with Re:Fuel.
Six different natural products come together in one amazing supplement system – Re:Fuel:
1. Vitamins (Re:Gain): Complete, whole food multi-vitamins replenish essential nutrients for a healthy body.
2. Minerals (Re:Claim): Patented chelated minerals with maximum absorption to promote energy and stamina.
3. Digestive Enzymes (Re:Absorb): Vital enzymes necessary for proper digestion and nutrient utilization of the foods you eat.
4. Antioxidants (Re:Inforce): Potent antioxidants for complete protection against the damaging effects of free radicals.
5. Flora (Re:Balance): Billions of stabilized probiotics to help suppress harmful bacteria and promote optimal health.
6. Fat-Digesting Enzymes (Re:Lease): Specific nutrients for metabolizing fat and supporting healthy blood sugar levels.
Formerly Essentials For Life – Re:Fuel provides your body with the strongest nutritional foundation possible with the finest 100% natural, whole food, full spectrum nutritional system. Designed to address every single aspect of your body’s daily nutritional supplementation needs, Re:Fuel gives you the most advanced nutritionals formulated to obtain optimal health, energy, and vitality, in one easy, convenient system. More information on other Vollara supplements can be found here.

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