Green Technology Trends in 2011

Green Technology Trends in 2011

Each time a new green technology is revealed, it becomes clearer that humans can live in a more efficient way that’s not only better for the environment, but healthier as well.  Here are some top green technology trends for 2011 that are going to revolutionize the way you live and how you spend your money.


Saving Water

In the United States, the average family of four can use 400 gallons of water every day. On average, approximately 70 percent of that water is used indoors. The EPA has several tips to help you conserve water, including changing your washing machine and toilet to something energy efficient. For example, traditional model washing machines use between 27 and 54 gallons of water per load. However, new, energy- and water-conserving models use less than 27 gallons per load. They come in both front and top loading styles. We recommend joining one of these efficient models with a laundry cleaning system that eliminates detergents, and you will not just be saving water but making sure that the water you do use washing clothes is free from irritating soaps and bleach. Pairing these two green technologies for water and energy efficiency is a great way to be kind to the environment and save on your water and energy bills!


Indoor Air Quality

Many people worry about pollution outside, but are you considering how clean the air is inside your home as well? The EPA says that indoor air can be five times more polluted with dust, mold, and contaminants than outdoor air! Because modern homes are sealed for energy efficiencies to minimize the amount of air that travels between inside and outside, the inside air can collect pollutants that might accumulate to levels that pose health problems. Many green technologies have been developed to negate the effects of this issue. Active Technology air purification systems can reduce contaminants and pollutants so the air in your home is safer for your family!

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that electricity can surge and spike in your home? Either of these irregularities may damage appliances and electronics like computer equipment and televisions, and are not efficient uses of energy. New green technologies are available that do more than protect your electronics from dangerous electricity surges — they also optimize the power coming into your home as they condition it!  Once again, this green technology may help save on your energy bill while also protecting the earth.


Avoiding Water Bottles

Only 27% of the 2.4 million tons of plastic water bottles produced in the US are recycled! That means that 73% of plastic water bottles end up in landfills – or worse, as litter! Is bottled purified water worth that cost? Before you answer, consider that up to 95 percent of the cost of bottled water is for things other than the water, like bottling and marketing. This is why many people are changing to a better type of water: point-of-use, pH optimized, alkaline water.  In addition to the wasted bottles, some “purified” water bottles are often filled with water that is both acidic and from a source that may not be easy to identify. In order to give your body the water nature intended and save the environment from the millions of tons of plastic bottles, a new trend for 2011 is to install a water treatment system at home!


Efficient living is good for you, and for the earth. These green technology trends all fit into the biggest green trend in 2011: saving the environment and saving you money!


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