Why is Going Green Expensive? It Doesn’t Have to Be!

Why is Going Green Expensive? It Doesn’t Have to Be!

Why is going green expensive?  It might seem like going green always involves making sacrifices and spending more money on expensive products because they are better for the environment.  Well, the good news is that going green doesn’t have to be expensive and can, in fact, save you some green in the long run. why is going green expensive

When you are looking for ways to save energy and make your home and lifestyle more environmentally friendly, there are two things to consider.  First, look for products and appliances that are energy efficient.  At first glance, some of these things appear to be more expensive than their less energy efficient counterparts, and the truth is that the upfront costs might be higher.  That’s where the second thing to consider comes in.  Consider the savings that come along with the energy efficient appliance over time.

One example is washing machines.  You can buy an attachment for your standard washing machine that allows you to wash your clothes without the use of harsh detergents using cold water.  This keeps the pollutants from chemical laundry detergents out of the water and protects the environment from the damage that laundry detergent can cause.  It saves you money by eliminating the cost of laundry detergent and by using cold water so that no energy is used to heat the water.

The same goes for heating your home.  It is not energy efficient to heat every room of your home to the same temperature if you rarely go into some of those rooms.  Turn down your thermostat and invest in some energy efficient space heaters.  Electric space heaters can efficiently heat the rooms that you spend the most time in and decrease your heating costs overall.

Going green doesn’t have to be expensive, and can even be a sound, smart investment. Being a thoughtful steward of the environment can also be great for your wallet.


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