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What is Water Conservation and Can I Make a Difference?

What is Water Conservation and Can I Make a Difference?

When it comes to taking care of the environment, the term “water conservation” is often used, but what is it, exactly? The term water conservation can be used to describe efforts made to reduce the amount of water used in homes, businesses (and anywhere else), as well as efforts to recycle waste water for other purposes such as manufacturing, irrigation, or cleaning.

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Water conservation can be beneficial in a variety of ways.  For example, water management – water purification, water diversion, etc. – uses a significant amount of energy.  This energy usage could be decreased by efforts to conserve water rather than using water in a wasteful manner.  Ideally, water should only be used at a rate that does not take more water out of the natural ecosystem than can be naturally replaced.  By doing so, natural habitats are preserved, which benefits the environment overall.

Conserving water is something everyone can take part in.  There are opportunities in every household to cut down on the amount of water used and the pollutants that enter the water system.  For example, using energy efficient washing machines and dishwashers helps reduce the amount of water used, and often cuts down on the amount of soap needed to get things clean.  Take a step further and invest in detergent-free laundry systems that help clean your laundry without the use of soaps and chemicals that can end up in the water supply and harm the environment.  Taking steps like this in your home helps you and helps the environment.

Not only is it important to reduce the amount of water used, but to protect the fresh water supply by keeping it clean and healthy.  Everyone can make sure that they are using environmentally friendly products to help avoid putting harmful chemicals and other waste products into the water supply.

Vollara cares about creating products that make environmental sense.  Our products are designed to make the lives of humans easier while still being responsible stewards of our beautiful environment.


Everyone’s Talking About It: Alkaline Water

Everyone’s Talking About It: Alkaline Water

The rumor is, Beyoncé insists on it[1]. Mark Wahlberg and Sean “Diddy” Combs are making a business out of it.[2] Professional athletes are onboard with it.

What are they doing? They’re drinking alkaline water.

Although it’s long been thought that alkaline water is great for hydration and wellness, it sometimes takes an unconventional method to push it into the limelight.

Last year, the UK’s Daily Mail broke the story of Beyonce’s concert rider for her Mrs. Carter tour. A rider is where celebrities will lay out, in no uncertain terms, the requests that must be fulfilled for themselves and their staff. According to online news sources, “The 31-year old singer is said to have a list of specific requirements for every venue on her Mrs. Carter world tour and her mandate includes alkaline water.”

And when one of the largest pop stars in the world is that serious about something, lots of people are going to take notice.

Beyoncé isn’t alone. Academy Award-nominated actor Mark Wahlberg and hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs took it a step further, teaming up to promote and develop high pH alkaline water called AQUAhydrate. The water, which boasts a 9+ alkalinity, has caught the attention of other celebrities and athletes alike. And at well over $4 for a liter ($15 per gallon), sharing water with notoriety does come at a hefty price.

As it turns out, business titan and musical kingmaker Russell Simmons is also somewhat of a health enthusiast. He’s partnered with Skinny Water, who has its own high alkaline water[3]. At $1.99 a liter ($7.54 per gallon), it’s half the price of AQUAhydrate, but still not a bargain, especially if you drink more than a liter a day.

Seemingly, the benefits of drinking alkaline water are making the rich and famous into believers. So how can you get on board without paying nearly $8 a gallon for the stuff? Consider investing in your own machine. By filling your own reusable bottles with an alkaline water machine, you cut down on the cost associated with shipping and handling of bottled water delivery, and you help do your part to reduce the number of plastic bottles that end up in landfills every year.

When you own your own machine, you may also be able to access acidic water, which is a great natural alternative for harsh cleaning agents. Clean fruits and veggies, wash down your countertop, mop your floor – all with a natural, safe byproduct of alkaline water. Using fewer cleaning chemicals can add to your yearly savings and make your home a healthier place to live.




Note: This story highlights some of the recent buzz concerning alkaline water and is for informational purposes only.  Beyoncé, Mark Wahlberg, Sean Combs and Russell Simmons do not endorse Vollara products and this article is not intended to imply any such an endorsement.