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MLM Leads: How to Approach Friends and Family

MLM Leads: How to Approach Friends and Family

MLM LeadsWhen you first begin trying to generate MLM leads, it is often suggested that you put together a list of all of your friends and family members. This becomes your warm list – people that you are already connected to that might be interested in joining in on your MLM efforts. But just because you already know these people doesn’t mean that they are going to instantly jump on board with your company and want to join in. Approaching them takes a little finesse and tact.

No one ever likes to feel pressured into things, and most people don’t like to feel like someone is actively trying to sell them anything. So rather than sitting down at the next family reunion trying to convince every one of your relatives to sell products or services for you, try approaching things differently. Look for natural opportunities to bring up the products or services that you sell in conversation. Don’t try to “sell” anyone anything, but instead simply mention that you use a certain product or service that you are very happy with. Wait for the other people in the conversation to ask you for more information, like how you heard about the products, what you like about the products or where you purchased the products. This lets you know that they are interested in learning more. The door is now open for you to give them the information they seek.

Once that door is open, you will be able to let the products or services speak for themselves. Help your family and friends fall in love with the products and services you offer the same way you did when you first tried them. If they love them as much as you did, the next step is to inform them of how they can help get these products out to other consumers, just like you do.

By taking this approach, you won’t be labeled as someone who is pushy or rude. You will be able to present opportunities that are legitimate and credible without meeting instant rejection head-on.

MLM Leads: How to Leverage Social Media

MLM Leads: How to Leverage Social Media

generate MLM leadsIf you are looking for ways to generate MLM leads, social media can be an effective tool.  Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogs can be used to reach people that could be future leads.  The trick is to use these tools effectively.

Social media is all about building relationships; not the traditional kind of relationships that typically exist between companies and customers, but instead genuine relationships between individuals.  This doesn’t mean that companies and customers can’t benefit from a social media relationship – on the contrary, it gives people the means to interact in a whole new way.

When using social media for your business to generate leads, the goal is to never appear pushy or as though you are constantly trying to “sell” something.  Instead, focus on ways to offer your “friends” and “followers” information that is truly useful and interesting that encourages interaction and starts a conversation between you and them.  This is how relationships are built.  Look for groups to join that have people with similar interests to your own.  For example, if you are interested in ways to live a healthy lifestyle, look for other groups that are focused on healthy living.  Once you have joined the group, post comments on things that others have posted and get a discussion started.  This will help you get to know the people within the group as individuals, and they will come to appreciate your knowledge and expertise on subjects that they care about.

Once you have established these connections and built relationships with people, then you have the opportunity to share information about what you do and the types of products or services that you sell.  It is one friend communicating with another in a sincere way.  This can be a powerful tool when it comes to generating MLM leads.


MLM Leads: How to Make Customers Your Evangelists

MLM Leads: How to Make Customers Your Evangelists

MLM LeadsGenerating MLM leads can sometimes seem like a tedious part of building your own MLM business, but it doesn’t have to be.  The secret is making sure that you don’t have to do all of the work yourself – let your customers help you out.  Word of mouth can be a very powerful marketing tool, and there’s no one better to help spread the news about your company and products than your customers.

The most important thing that you can do to help turn your customers into your own personal marketing team is to offer high quality products.  You have to completely believe in the products that you are offering.  If you don’t love what you’re selling, then odds are high that your customers won’t really love them either.  Enthusiasm is contagious.  If your customers see that you aren’t just selling them a product, but that the products are things that you use in your own home and truly believe in, first they will be more likely to buy the products, and then they will also be more likely to spread the word among their friends and family about how wonderful the products are, and finally, there’s a good chance that they will also want to sell the products.  Turning a customer into an MLM lead can be as simple as that.

When you have customers that are as excited as you are about your products and enthusiastic about wanting to also sell them, it is important for you to act as a mentor and help them get things started.  Be supportive and encouraging every step of the way because the more successful they are in their efforts, the more work they will be doing for you to help spread the word and generate new leads for both of you.  Cooperation is essential.

So, the next time you are talking to some of your loyal customers, go ahead and suggest that they share their love of your products with their friends and families, and if they are interested, encourage them to not only use the products, but sell them as well because it ends up being a win-win situation.


Top 10 Ways to Generate MLM Leads

Top 10 Ways to Generate MLM Leads

In order to make the most out of your home-based business, you need to have an effective strategy to generate MLM leads. Each contact, online or in-person, is an opportunity to reinforce who you are and the value you offer. Try to develop each lead into a face-to-face meeting so that you can develop a relationship.
While working at home, generate MLM leadsGrow your existing relationships: The best way to generate MLM leads is by using relationships you already have with people – ask friends and family for referrals. Try to grow your database organically. Using existing relationships makes it easier to build new relationships with more people.
Facebook: Facebook is a great tool to engage your current network. You’ll be able to see quickly who is interacting and interested in your unique value proposition. It’s a great stepping stone in the transition from online interaction to a face-to-face meeting.
Blogging: Start a blog about your business and your products.  Blogs are an easy way to constantly offer new information to clients and potential clients about your business.
Articles: By writing articles and posting them on sites like EzineArticles, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field and gain credibility that can help you generate more leads.
Forums: Joining forums gives you the opportunity to participate in discussions related to your business, which again helps you establish your credibility and connect with more people.
Other Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIN and location based services, like foursquare and Gowalla, all have groups dedicated to every interest imaginable.  Join groups related to your business interests and start connecting with other individuals in those groups.
Videos: Using free sites like You Tube to post videos about your products and company helps people put a face to a name.  This type of personalization makes it more likely that people will want to do business with you.
Webinars: Hosting a webinar or teleconference is another way to get the word out about what you do and what you sell.  Give valuable information to participants that they can use right away, and host your webinar on a regular basis to make it easy for people to spread the word about when and how to participate.
Samples and Demonstrations: When people visit your website, offer to demonstrate your product in their home, or give them free samples of products so that they can experience for themselves what it is that you are trying to sell.  This also gives you another opportunity to connect with people face-to-face to build a lasting relationship.
Pay Per Click Ads: Pay per click (PPC) is a cost effective way to send out highly targeted ads.  They are free to run; you only pay for actual click-throughs.
These are the strategies that top MLM companies use to generate leads, and you can use them to help boost your business as well.
Vollara Technology Aids Recovery Efforts In Japan

Vollara Technology Aids Recovery Efforts In Japan

Dallas, TX – Vollara, the leader in the development and management of green work from home opportunities, centered on the philosophy of Complete Uncompromising Health and Wellness, just reported that a team from Dallas headed up by Arthur Johnson is traveling to some of the hardest hit areas of Japan with special technology to aid in recovery efforts.
Vollara is well-known for several important technologies, including its FreshAir units.  Vollara’s proprietary technology in the FreshAir unit was used extensively by the Pentagon after the tragedy of 9/11.  The FreshAir unit attacks airborne and surface containments.  Vollara is sending more than $100,000 in technology equipment to set up in shelters and community centers throughout the affected areas in Japan.  Vollara’s efforts are headed by Arthur Johnson, who has family in Sendai and other areas of Japan.  Aerus, LLC, formerly Electrolux USA, a Company affiliated with Vollara also sent dozens of HEPA vacuum cleaners with Mr. Johnson to capture contaminated particles.

“Vollara’s compassion and stewardship are manifested in its generous support for our relief efforts in Japan,” said Mr. Arthur Johnson.  “Vollara’s Fresh Air technology has been proven to destroy viruses and bacteria from the air and on surfaces, and will dramatically improve living conditions in crowded community relief living centers.  This unique technology also removes particles from the air which could be contaminated.  I am so thankful to be supported by such a great Company.”

“We are so proud and honored to be associated with Mr. Johnson, and admire his courage and commitment,” said Vollara’s Chairman and CEO, Joseph P. Urso.  “Arthur is a man of noble character and a big heart and his efforts will help thousands of Japanese families who are suffering. We are also grateful to American Airlines for their generosity in shipping our relief equipment to Japan.”

Vollara is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and best-in-class products and green technologies that focus on a system of complete health. With the understanding that nobody wants to be “partially healthy,” Vollara’s exceptional product line addresses what you absorb; the air you breathe, the water you drink, and nutrition for your cells.

Aerus, LLC is a world leader in high end vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and water purifiers.

About Vollara

Vollara, LLC, a subsidiary under the umbrella of Aerus Holdings LLC, is a leader in direct sales of green technology and natural health products. Vollara is also home to one of the world’s most inspired home business opportunities and the exclusive Guaranteed Minimum Income™ program. Our family of companies has a rich 80-year history dating back to Electrolux, USA, a company known for excellence in its technology, unmatched service, and endless accomplishments. Its products have been honored in the Smithsonian and its satisfied customers in North America alone number over 50 million.

For more information:

Mike Magolnick

Sr. Director of Communications


How Attractive Are You? Or, How to Generate MLM Leads When Working for A Top MLM Company

How Attractive Are You? Or, How to Generate MLM Leads When Working for A Top MLM Company

Prospecting is a numbers game when generating MLM leads. How often have you heard this cliché from others working for a top mlm company or looking for a work from home opportunity? Well, it certainly is true that you must speak with enough people if you plan on winning the Network Marketing game. But success typically goes way beyond the numbers. Have you ever wondered what separates those who can speak to 20 prospects and enroll 15 of them from those who can prospect 200 without ANY success? The answer lies in the energy we give off that either is attractive to others… or not. One way to be more effective in attracting others to you is to develop yourself as a powerful, attractive, prospective sponsor and business partner.

When you contact a new prospect, do you ask yourself, “Who am I being that would either attract or turn off this prospect?” Are you organized, calm, and focused or are you nervous, rushed and flustered? Is your presentation enthusiastic and powerful or weak and whiny? Does your prospect sense any urgency or desperation in your voice? Have you conveyed to them that you would love to work with them in building a business but you do not NEED them to join you?

Do you project success and confidence? Have you checked your belief level? Do you have any unresolved objections about what you are doing? Do you understand the powerful network marketing concepts well enough to share your belief in them with others? What is your interpretation of sharing your opportunity with your prospect? I.e., are you intruding and bothering them or offering them the gift of the awesome power of possibilities? Closely examine your presentation. If you’re prospecting in person, do your dress and appearance speak of success? Do you value your time and your prospects’ and convey this to them, or do you seem to have all the time in the world, implying that you’re really not up to much? When you speak, use the combined credibility of your company and its most successful leaders. Be proud of what you do. Convey your certainty that it is a privilege to work with you and your company. Got the idea?

So, what I’m really asking is, “Would you want you as a sponsor…?” Examine the following list to see which of the qualities you now possess. Then, go on to identify those qualities that, if further developed, would enhance your ability to attract others.

50 Qualities of a Successful Leader:
– Authentic
– Disciplined
– Charismatic
– Focused
– Willing to Sacrifice for the Future
– Able to Bond with Others
– Believable
– Visionary
– Supportive
– Does not take Rejection Personally
– Inspirational
– Confident
– Powerful
– Enthusiastic
– Interested in Personal Growth and Development
– Vulnerable
– Compassionate
– Sensitive
– Organized
– At Peace
– Persistent/Consistent
– Teachable
– Empowers Others
– Ambitious
– High Level of Physical Energy
– Positive, Up-Beat Attitude
– Committed
– Good Self Image
– Positive Expectation
– Happy
– Works in Partnership
– Burning Desire to Succeed
– Intuitive
– Empathetic
– Happy to Serve
– Genuinely Humble
– Willing to Contribute to Others
– Interested in Others
– Entrepreneurial
– Doesn’t Dump Information
– Takes Initiative
– Good Communication Skills
– Has Integrity – can make and keep commitments
– Is Proactive – takes initiative
– Is a Team Player
– Follows Up and Follows Through

And, a Good Listener who listens…
For what’s Important …
For what’s Missing …
For what It’s Like in the Other Person’s World …
For Contribution …
For the Fit …
For the Gold …

Assuming that you are prospecting enough people, your tally sheet will reflect positive results if you possess those qualities that are desirable to and valued by others as they consider the viability of the partnership you are offering.

Unfortunately, we’re usually the last ones to know how we “land” with others, how they perceive us and interpret us and what we say. People tend to be oblivious to facets of themselves that can often be very apparent to everyone else. The key to becoming more attractive as a potential sponsor and business partner is to create a structure for developing those qualities that would contribute to increasing your personal effectiveness.

In order to enhance your personal power, you will need to create some structure so as to develop whatever qualities you decide to take on.

Some possible structures include:
A. Recording your telephone conversations and asking your upline to give you feedback asking what worked and what was missing, that, if put into place would make the next conversation more effective.
B. Hiring a mentor to coach you in putting into place whatever is missing around those qualities you seek to develop.
C. Rating yourself on a scale from 1 to 10 after each interaction you have with another person, regarding how successful you were in implementing the quality you are working on. Again, look at what worked, what was missing, and what you need to put into place next time to be more effective in the area you are developing.
D. Keeping a journal detailing your daily intended result in your chosen area of development. Again, record both what worked and what was missing.
E. Keep a sign with the qualities you are working on visible by the telephone and consciously work on being these characteristics.
F. Asking others for feedback. You might say something like, “I am working on the quality of…becoming more charismatic, a better listener, more powerful in my communication, developing an
appreciation of what it’s like in the other person’s world…etc.. Could you give me some feedback on how I came across for you?”

Your commitment to put yourself in research around which qualities would most impact who you are in the world as well as your willingness to create a structure in supporting these commitments will do much toward increasing your personal power. Taking on the process of enhancing your personal effectiveness can only translate into greater success in building your networking business.

My Challenge to You:

1) Make a list of all of the qualities that contribute to your success.
2) Make a list of all of the qualities that sabotage your success.
3) List at least 5 qualities that you would be willing to further develop in yourself to move your business forward powerfully.
4) Create a structure for developing these qualities. (Also ask your upline how to do so.)

At the end of each day, week, and month ask yourself the following questions to quantify how you did in the areas of your personal development:

1) What did you learn about yourself and about others?
2) In what ways were you effective in your interactions with others?
3) What was missing in your interactions that if put in place would make you more effective?

Recruiting is Fundamental, or How Recruiting Can Generate MLM Leads at A Top MLM Company

Recruiting is Fundamental, or How Recruiting Can Generate MLM Leads at A Top MLM Company

When working for a top mlm company like Vollara, opening up your business to new people is one of the most important things to take advantage of your work from home opportunity and make sure you are getting  the right mlm leads.  To that end, we say, “recruiting is fundamental”. Recruiting or sponsoring new people is a fundamental priority for your business.

Recruiting is “FUN”…
There is a lot of joy that comes from helping someone achieve their own goals, whether those goals are financial, health, family, or otherwise. Recruiting can definitely be fun if approached with the right attitude and mindset. There are people that we come across in our everyday life that NEED what we have. It’s as simple as that, people DO need help in some way. Once you realize that what you have to offer can give those people freedom and personal empowerment, it changes the whole concept of recruiting from being a task to being fun.

Recruiting is “MENTAL”…
Let’s face it, it IS fun to share something great with those around you, but it’s also a bit of a challenge. Recruiting is a mentally-challenging activity. Why is it “mental”? Every person you come in contact with will have different goals, different challenges, different likes and dislikes. Mentally, you need to prepare yourself. Everyone’s questions, concerns and responses will be different so being prepared mentally will help you have more fun while sharing your business with new people.

How do you prepare mentally? First of all, there is the entrepreneur mindset. You own a business and you need to wake up every day in a business owner frame of mind. In the same way a flower shop owner needs to keep bringing in new clients, you have a business and you need to constantly prepare yourself to bring in new clients. Know your product, know your business and just as important, KNOW how your business will positively affect anyone and everyone.

Being able to handle objections are part of the mental preparation. If you own a clothing store, do you get upset or discouraged every time someone tells you they’re just looking? Of course not, so don’t be concerned when you get objections or questions from people that you are bringing your business to. It’s all part of recruiting is “mental”. Know your business, know your product and be confident in your choices. You are not going to recruit everyone you know or everyone you meet. One of the greatest things about objections and questions is that they will challenge you to learn more. You’re ultimate goal is, of course to make the people that you’re sharing with, get the same feeling about your business that you have. The most effective way to do that is be confident and prepare yourself mentally for anything that can happen.

Remember this, your will to succeed HAS to be greater than the will of those that will come up against you… and they WILL come up against you.

Recruiting is “Da”?…
As our kids say, “duh”! Recruiting is fun, recruiting is mental. Prepare yourself!