Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

You’ve always heard we are what we eat … NOT TRUE … we are what we ABSORB! Air, water and nutrients are all vital to our health and what we absorb is the key. Our technologies offer complete health choices, not partial ones; choices to purify the air you breathe and the surfaces you touch and enrich the water you drink; choices to support your immune system and to strengthen your body.

Even before America began the “going green” movement, Vollara was making technologies and promoting strategies for a healthy environment, to make our homes and offices healthier and “greener.” One example of green innovation is our FreshAir with ActivePure┬«, also known as nature’s air purifier. FreshAir uses natural processes found in thunderstorms, sunlight, and lightning to clean your indoor air. Negative and positive ions remove allergy-triggering contaminants from the air up to 100 times faster according to University studies. ActivePure┬« Technology duplicates nature to safely reduce contaminants on surfaces.

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