4 thoughts on “Help Prevent Allergies Indoors

  1. I am very pleased with my investment in my Vollara whole house air purification system, because I not only avoided allergy shots, but helped my whole family to live healthier lives! The air is lighter, it makes our home cooler and so fresh and clean smelling! I love the 2, 4, 6 and 8 hour away modes. Thank you Vollara for this outstanding system which is so compact for covering such a large area!

  2. Love this entry re: allergens in the air. Vollara’s air purifier is why I got involved 8.5 years ago with my first purchase of an Air Purifier. Suffering from seasonal allergies, I did not realize that the floaties noticed by a stream of light were actually dead skin cells in the air. I went from a tissue box under my arm to using no tissues at all. Dusting, vacuuming, cleaning as this blog talks about is great ALONG with the very first Vollara Technology that I purchased and now own, an Air Purifier… my home is FRESH!

  3. Having FreshAir Surround technology in our home for over 24 years speaks for itself. Protecting our family and loved ones from allergens in the air has never been so easy. With NASA Space Certified technologies our home is a healthy home from odors, germs and allergens. Finally one air purifier for the whole home. Our best product is the opportunity to help others live healthier, greener, and more fortunate lives. The Great thing about the FreshAir Surround is you can tailor this product to your home and it works in every area to clean and purify. You will notice immediate difference in your home. Try the product, Feel the difference, Spread the word.

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