Generations at Work: How to Work with Generation Y

Generations at Work: How to Work with Generation Y

Taking a look at generations at work can help you understand how to work with generation Y.  Each generation has its own values and philosophies that influence work ethic and job performance.  This generation has unique needs and qualities that present themselves in the workplace.  Vollara, a top MLM company, examines these issues and offers advice.  top mlm company

Even more than generations prior, generation Y feels a drive to seek freedom.  Time is valuable – more valuable than money in most cases – and having the freedom to delegate time as they choose is sought after.  For example, they don’t want anything, including a job, to infringe on any part of their lifestyle whether that’s going out with friends or spending time with family.  Their time is the most important thing that they have, and the freedom to choose how to spend it is a top priority.

These characteristics have led to a desire among individuals in this generation to own their own business.  They are outcome driven and they care more about effort, feeling valued, challenged, and included than about simply climbing a corporate ladder.  To this group, these things are more important than money.

Generation Y is a valuable part of the workforce.  At work, they are more interested in the ultimate goal of an activity rather than the specific process; they would rather figure out the process on their own as long as they understand what the goal is in the end.  With proper coaching and support, freedom to work from home and own their own business can give them the opportunities they desire most – to control their own time, set their own goals, and define success any way they choose.


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