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MLM Leads: How to Approach Friends and Family

MLM Leads: How to Approach Friends and Family

MLM LeadsWhen you first begin trying to generate MLM leads, it is often suggested that you put together a list of all of your friends and family members. This becomes your warm list – people that you are already connected to that might be interested in joining in on your MLM efforts. But just because you already know these people doesn’t mean that they are going to instantly jump on board with your company and want to join in. Approaching them takes a little finesse and tact.

No one ever likes to feel pressured into things, and most people don’t like to feel like someone is actively trying to sell them anything. So rather than sitting down at the next family reunion trying to convince every one of your relatives to sell products or services for you, try approaching things differently. Look for natural opportunities to bring up the products or services that you sell in conversation. Don’t try to “sell” anyone anything, but instead simply mention that you use a certain product or service that you are very happy with. Wait for the other people in the conversation to ask you for more information, like how you heard about the products, what you like about the products or where you purchased the products. This lets you know that they are interested in learning more. The door is now open for you to give them the information they seek.

Once that door is open, you will be able to let the products or services speak for themselves. Help your family and friends fall in love with the products and services you offer the same way you did when you first tried them. If they love them as much as you did, the next step is to inform them of how they can help get these products out to other consumers, just like you do.

By taking this approach, you won’t be labeled as someone who is pushy or rude. You will be able to present opportunities that are legitimate and credible without meeting instant rejection head-on.