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Be Your Own Boss & Find Limitless Potential

Be Your Own Boss & Find Limitless Potential

Have you ever had a job that felt like it was sucking the life out of you? After college, I was given a great job offer to work for a Fortune 100 company. I took the job as a business analyst and got a great signing bonus, salary and benefits. I loved it…for about 3 weeks.

Amy Jackson Martin

I quickly realized that sitting in a cube for 40-50 hours a week was not the lifestyle I was after. I felt a little hopeless, but I also knew that there had to be a way for me to better design my life. I grew up with two stay-at-home parents, making it hard to get away with anything! My dad came from a broken family on government assistance, but he overcame obstacles and was empowered by the platform of network marketing. Thanks to his desire to give his family a better life than he had, I, too, became aware that I didn’t have to work the typical 9-5 routine and sacrifice my true dreams of being a free person.

With this experience in mind, I decided to pursue a part time home-based business while I worked my day job…and things took off! I had a great team, great products that I personally enjoyed using, and I was making enough money so that at 22, I fired my boss.

Fast forward to today: I still love the industry of network marketing because it’s truly the only level playing field that exists. I’ve seen so many people emerge from their circumstances to become high-functioning, successful, and inspiring. I’ve seen so many traditionally successful people free themselves from a career path that took them away from their families and get back to putting quality time with their family first.

I’ll admit: the first time I was exposed to the concept of building a team, I was very intimidated. Who would follow me? Why would anyone listen to me? Even though it was out of my comfort zone, I started dreaming about what it would be like to actually help play a part in making someone’s life better. I was so moved just thinking about it that I decided to go for it. I’ve gotten obsessed with this philosophy of adding value to people. I love that my team has become my extended family. We care about each other and celebrate each other’s success. We are all on this mission to equip people to be the best versions of themselves possible.

I believe in this industry and I know that when you get lucky enough to find a company like Vollara, you should take the time to really explore and get your questions answered. I felt safe joining this company because I knew I would have a team to support me. I knew that there were real products that solve real problems, and I saw that the profit margins would allow me to find just a few customers a week and be able to make more than any job I had ever worked before. I love connecting people to simple yet innovative solutions for their health and well-being. It’s fun and there’s unlimited potential with this young company.

As a mother, I feel that I owe it to my son to show him that he can pursue his dreams without the constraints of a traditional job. I love that I can create my own schedule and work when it’s convenient for me. I never wanted to have work that got in the way of my life. I’m so glad I found a career that adds meaning to my life and actually complements my values.


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Eliminating Tough Odors With Smart Technology

Eliminating Tough Odors With Smart Technology

When it comes to tackling bad odors in your home, conventional wisdom (or a trip to your local grocery store) offers little recourse. The most available options are usually heavily-scented sprays or sachets designed to simply cover up the offending odor. So instead of a kitchen that smells like baked fish, you now have a kitchen that smells like baked fish and lavender.

shutterstock_181748816The only real way to stop odor is at its source, and the best way to do that is with smart air purification. Unlike traditional air purifiers, Vollara’s air purification helps reduce allergens, airborne pollutants, and stale, lingering odors.

One of the greatest advantages of ActivePure Technology is the freedom it brings from chemicals and fragrances. ActivePure Technology  freshens the air inside your home by sending supercharged  molecules out into the environment to seek and rapidly destroy contaminants, fungi, mold, and odor-causing bacteria – even ones that try to hide in hard-to-reach cracks and crevasses. For individuals or families with sensitivities, this can be an ideal solution since introducing heavy fragrances or harsh chemicals into the home environment frequently exacerbates allergies, sensitivities and asthma.

Our ActivePure Technology is available in a variety of sizes: the smallest unit is perfect for use in hotels, stinky laundry rooms or around hampers or litterboxes; larger units like the FreshAir cover more square feet, as one unit can often deodorize an entire space, like a living room or bedroom. Additional features, like adjustable fan speeds and purifier settings, can create a customizable cleaning experience for every home.

Don’t rely on harmful chemicals found in aerosol sprays and potpourri to simply cover up odors — get to the root cause of the problem instead and knock it out with ActivePure Technology from Vollara!

Tips For Staying Focused While Working From Home

Tips For Staying Focused While Working From Home

People who own home-based businesses can face a unique set of challenges when it comes to time management. If you work from home, it’s imperative that you remain organized and on a set schedule — free from distractions — even more than the average traditional office worker. At-home offices can be subject to some very at-home distractions, like family, pets, TV, and a big, comfortable sofa that seems to call your name! Here are some great tips we came up with to help you stay on track and be even more productive in your business!

Dress the part. When you work from home and find yourself with a day that doesn’t require an outing, it can be tempting to stay in your pajamas or keep it super-casual. By taking care to dress the way you would if you had an outside appointment (in say, business-casual attire) you, in fact, feel more businesslike and will be more mentally equipped to tackle your day in a professional tone.

Customize your environment. You’ll work better in an environment that’s comfortable but primed for productivity. Proper seating, an organized and clean workspace, and a bit of privacy are a must. Consider adjusting your lighting as well – some people work well with overhead light; others find it more soothing to rely on natural light. Don’t be afraid to use soothing, instrumental music to drown out background noise, or fix yourself a cup of tea to relax your mood. It’s not working easier – it’s working smarter!

5 minute rule. Take 5 minutes before and after every task, appointment or phone call to assess how things went. Did you achieve the results you wanted? Did you accomplish everything you intended? If not, decide how shutterstock_271529486you can remedy that in the future and avoid making similar mistakes, which can bog down your business and be an overall time-suck.

Know thyself. The good part about working from home is getting to set what hours work best for you. And only you know when you’re most productive: early morning, midday or evening. Whatever time you feel most alert is the best time to take on your biggest or most time-consuming projects. It’s different for everyone, so if you feel the brightest at 7 am or 7 pm, plan your day accordingly. You’ll thank yourself later.

Plan for distractions. Working from home can mean distractions, from a ringing doorbell to a sick child to a spouse stranded with a flat tire. A good way to account for this is to set aside a specific time in your schedule every day as “office hours.” (Teachers wisely use this method.)  It literally becomes a time you designate to be distracted. If no such distractions arise, use the time to get caught up on small projects or answer emails. If a surprise does comes up that needs your attention, you wisely planned on it, and still are able to get in a solid workday.

Reward yourself! When you accomplish 5 things on your To-Do list, or have finished a big project, reward yourself with a short break. Surf the net, walk on a treadmill, turn on the news, or take a cat nap. You earned it! Set an alarm on your phone or use an egg timer to make sure you don’t exceed your allotted time. This will help even further in keeping you on track.